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“Our organization's core goals are simple, to follow our passion for growth & integrity in the debt collection industry by providing the highest possible value to our clients… so that we can continue to develop a collective company atmosphere where our team members can enjoy better careers and the lives they deserve.”

President & CEO John Erickson

Are you ready to work in a new type of collection setting?  Ready to be part of a company based on collective intelligence, where team member input drives growth-oriented company goals and values?  Welcome to Credit Service International!

Our Professional Service
We maximize the collection of delinquent payments due to our clients and return millions of dollars to their operations through our professional efforts – while helping them retain their customers and patients.

Our Great Systems
CSI combines attentive and responsive client service with the easiest-to-switch-to and easiest-to-use transparency-focused online collection tools available. We are a preferred financial and service partner for medical practices, service organizations, and many other businesses.

Our Technology
CSI utilizes the highest level of collection technology.  We contact more consumers, collect more dollars and engage our team members with consistently valuable ongoing training.

Our Traditions
For over 50 years CSI has been growing its market intelligence, credit and collection capabilities, and technological support with well-trained, experienced and professional staff. Our decades of experience have resulted in CSI being recognized as one of the very best in the industry.

Our Valuable Clients
The organizations we serve generally want to sustain the relationships they have with their patients and customers, so we treat their overdue accounts as valued clients, and work to promote a positive experience while assisting them to responsibly pay their outstanding balances. We always represent our clients' core values in the communities they serve.

Our Growth
Our business philosophy, systems, people and results have attracted referrals, organic growth and acquisition candidates. Other companies have wanted to become part of our success and each of these organizations contributes talent, client relationships and market knowledge to CSI. They have helped us deliver greater local market savvy, industry knowledge and capability for our clients.

Our Daily Goal
Our daily goal is to help consumers get their accounts paid as conveniently as possible. By acting as an extension of our clients, in the communities they serve, we reduce the loss of patient and consumer relationships over financial concerns. We help our clients focus on growing their businesses, profitably and successfully, with our easy-to-use, time and money saving process.

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