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About Us

About Us

CSI opened its doors in the commercial and consumer collections space in 1962. Over fifty impressive years later CSI has evolved into a full-service company comprised of the consolidation of more than ten collection agencies across several states. CSI has an outstanding record of growth, client relationships and retention, and ever-improving systems, technology, and customer service. We are fortunate to have grown tremendously through referrals from our wonderful clients, organic growth and acquisition. We have attracted and acquired multiple like-minded, high-service collection agencies, whose contributions of ideas, processes and expansive client relationships have greatly increased our ability to better serve you.



CSI: 50 Years

Over 55+ years CSI has developed an expansive database of consumer information not readily available to most other agencies. Our clients enjoy increased rates of return on their delinquent receivables based on the volume of data, and number clients we service across multiple states, through the utilization of data pulled from our ever-expanding collections data base.

The CSI collections model is focused on professional collections with an emphasis on consumer and patient experience, while maintaining consumer and patient relationships. This requires that we maintain the industry's highest level of security, client transparency, communication and reporting.

We believe we have created the easiest-to-switch-to process in the industry – which makes upgrading easy and seamless. That’s why we are a preferred provider to hospitals, medical practices and dentists, chiropractors, auto dealerships, finance companies, banks and real estate property managers to name a few.

We believe that collections are made one consumer, one contact and one payment at a time. CSI professionals believe in the best of people and understand what motivates them. We can determine what will inspire action by an individual, and are experts at communicating with them. 


CSI: Just the Facts

  • We have created an easy-to-switch-to and easy-to-use system that simplifies the lives of our clients’ administrative, financial and accounts receivable staff.
  • Our systems can save your accounts receivable and accounting staff most of the time devoted to collections and reporting – reducing the hours you invest in past due accounts.
  • We maximize collection of delinquent payments due to our clients, improving their accounts receivable and bad debt write-offs.
  • Treating every collection contact professionally, we have returned millions of dollars to our clients' operations through our efforts, enhancing their bottom line results.
  • Our track record and collections process represent long-term market knowledge and performance – our success rate with delinquent payers is twice the industry average.
  • By maintaining patient and consumer relationships for our clients and reducing lost or damaged relationships due to financial stress you can run and grow your business profitably and successfully.
  • The contacts we make on your behalf are personal; collections are made one consumer, one contact and one payment at a time. CSI professionals understand that what motivates people, can determine what will inspire action by an individual and are able to communicate with them.

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