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Consumer or Patient: Ready to make a payment? Have a Question? We can Help.

Thank you for visiting Credit Service International (CSI). Our staff is dedicated to assisting you in resolving your account as conveniently as possible. Please visit our easy-to-use online payment center to quickly and easily make a payment on your account.

Have questions? We are here to help. Call us at 1-800-584-9407. One contact, one payment at a time.

Visit our page of additional consumer resources, dedicated to helping inform consumers about debt and debt resolution.

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Personal Contact, Revenue Impact!

Thank you for your interest in CSI, the easiest-to-switch-to collections upgrade you will ever make. Where consumer & patient bill paying experience-based collections meets the industry's highest recovery rates.

At CSI, we are proud to offer the industry's highest level of security, client transparency, communication and reporting, all with the easiest-to-switch-to process – which makes upgrading to CSI completely seamless.

Our clients enjoy the collections, knowledge and power of ten consolidated collection agencies under one umbrella. Let us help you keep your focus on managing & growing your organization successfully with our easy-to-use, time-and money-saving processes.

Ready to upgrade? Call us! 1-800-584-9407.

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Our collections model emphasizes the consumer and patient bill paying experience as an extension of your practice or organization, and the hard work you have invested building it. 

Our daily goal is to help consumers get their accounts paid as conveniently and quickly as possible, while promoting increased financial literacy for all. By acting as an extension of clients’ organizations in the communities they serve, and by sharing the same passion for the core values their organizations represent, we can dramatically reduce the loss of patient and consumer relationships over financial concerns.

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